The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 316.

Anubis, and the gem cutter probably intended to represent him; but the head could be mistaken for that of an ass. Below, Aphrodite, nude to hips, both hands raised, the l. holding out a lock of hair. On the edge to left of these figures, αβρασξ (sic), on r. edge, ιαωιω and three characters under the last three letters.
Rev. Above, woman fully dressed standing to l. with r. hand to lips. On the left edge, a palm leaf, stem up. Below, cock-headed anguipede, head to r., usual attributes.
Cylindrical, but slightly tapered and rounded at ends, also slightly flattened to receive the designs. Perforated transversely.
Spindle-shaped bead.
Obv. Ibis-headed god (Thoth) standing to r., with headcloth, apron, and boots. Tall scepter in I. hand, in right, an object () resembling the older type of round cartouche  (Gardiner, Sign-list, V 9). Above, the Chnoubis symbol , below, a horizontal line crossed by three short vertical strokes.
Rev. vεθvoμαω in vertical column, two letters to a line.
Material not stated, probably haematite; ca. 30 X 11.
Described from a plasticine impression, from which the photograph was made.
Obv. Frog seen from above.
Rev. φυλαται (or φυλαξαι).
Green glass paste, circular outline, diameter 12, thickness 12.
Clenched right fist, thumb thrust between index and middle fingers.
Greenish stone, not identified, 20 X 8 X 7. Perforated at wrist.
Seyrig 56
Hollow gold eardrop with small ring on top. Youthful face, nose and lips damaged, curling hair round face held by a diadem with triangular points projecting from it, but laid backward on the hair, not standing up — doubtless to avoid breaking. The back part of the head is replaced by a clenched right hand, first joint of thumb folded over index and middle fingers.
20 X 12.
Brooklyn Museum 08.480.108A
Seated female figure, perhaps the goddess Maat. On the back an inscription in five lines, for the greater part an incorrect version of the common Chuch Bachuch formula: χυχβαχχ βακαχ ητωχη αχυχvιχ .χω. The last nu could be read as eta. Over the second beta there are two vertical strokes of uncertain purpose. A peculiar symbol, set vertically, divides the first two lines in the middle, ; it resembles, though not exactly, the scepter described under No. 232. It occurs again in the middle of the last line, which also has a somewhat defaced Chnoubis symbol at its beginning.
Green feldspar, height 38. The illustration is enlarged, 2 X 1.
Obv. At l., trophy, with three snakelike curves at each side of base. At center, pantheos with four wings and bird tail; atef crown and two was scepters. At right, Osiris as mummy, with atef crown and crook scepter(?) over left shoulder.
Rev. βαιvχωωωχ Iαω αβρασαξ in three lines.
Green jasper. Transverse oval, 19 X 15 Χ 3.
Obv. Trophy, made of a kilted cuirass, two oblong shields with central bosses, and a strange helmet, a flat, cushionlike cap with cheekpieces at right angles to it; the whole is supported by a post with diagonal struts at the middle. At the foot, lion running to r. Scattered in field and round margin, six stars and many letters, principally the vowels.

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