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Bonner, SMA, 317.

Upright oval, ca. 25 X 19.
This incomplete description was made from an impression sent me many years ago. I have no note about the reverse side, the material, or even the number. It may be 2222 bis, since 2222 represents a trophy, and the present piece does not appear in Chabouillet.
Obv. Trophy; surface much worn.
Rev. Iao.
Lapis lazuli. Upright oval, 12 X 9 X 3.
Cabinet des Médailles 2221
Obv. Warrior in military tunic, kilt, and high boots standing to front, head to l., a trophy on his head. In each hand he grasps the tail of a snake, which rears its head towards the trophy. inscription running parallel to this figure, three lines on each side. Beginning at lower l., ρωζoμαληδυχη ηχωδoμαρυvo vευovδη; from lower r., μερμovoχωδηω υηπερεμωργoμα δηvυσσωρ. The design has not been explained.
Rev. In four lines, αιεηωυ ωιεηαι oεωυ αoεω.
Crimson jasper. Broad upright oblong with round corners, 35 X 27. Illustration from impression, reversed in printing.
Previously described by Chabouillet and Babelon. Illustration in Chiflet, Pl. 23, 94; Matter, Pl. 8, 7.
Obv. Pantheos, in an unusually elaborate form, standing to r. He has three heads; the one to r. is that of a bearded man with satyrlike snub nose, the middle one is bald, and the face hairless, though there is a beard under the chin. The head to l. has a more youthful appearance, though bearded like the others. There are four wings and also four arms; the upper pair of arms hold two short scepters, each with a snake on its top. The r. arm of the lower pair hangs idle, the left holds a scorpion and a quadruped, doubtless meant for a lion, as on the stelae of Horus. The figure is ithyphallic, has a bird tail, from which a snake issues, growing from the lower part of his back; lion-heads on the knees, and jackal heads for feet. Over the three heads is an upright with indistinct heads of animals projecting from it, three on each side. This rests on a horizontal bar, on each end of which stands a short scepter with a head set at an angle. A small figure, probably intended for Harpocrates, stands over the tips of the main figure's right pair of wings. In the lower left field a damaged female figure stands to r. wearing headcloth and a crown or headdress consisting of a supporting bar on which two V-shaped projections rest; she holds situla in l. hand, and extends right. In the lower r. field, below the scorpion, there is an indistinct animal damaged by the flaking of the surface. Under the feet of the main figure but not in contact with it, a crocodile to r. Scattered in the field are the letters of σαβαω and an extra omega. The inscription round the margin seems to be an incomplete and partly incorrect copy of the formula containing the secret or magical names of the planets (see p. 196 f.). Reading from the bottom clockwise, [ση]μεα ιαω κovτ[υ] εvτευ κλυvδευ κηρ[…]δε.
Rev. Cock-headed anguipede, head to r., whip and shield (not inscribed) as usual. Round margin, beginning at lower left and reading clockwise, λέωv ἰμὶ (l. εἰμί), λέovτα φoρῶ, Διός ἰμι oἰκητήριov; the letters of the last word are distributed in the spaces between the central figure and the encircling inscription. The meaning is, “I am a lion, I carry a lion, I am the house of Zeus”; of course, “house” is here used in the astrological sense. On the bevel ωηv*κoαυ**; the three asterisks mark the place of characters.
Green jasper, with brownish yellow mottles. Upright oval, 39 Χ 30 X 6.
Obv. Male deity, identity uncertain, standing to r., two curving feathers (?) on head, hair (or perhaps headcloth) falling on shoulders, apron from waist to calf. Situla in r. hand, l. holds tall

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