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Schwartz - Schwartz on CBd-1760
5. Schwartz
a: Cock-headed anguipede holding whip and small shield of peculiar shape (misunderstanding by engraver?). Each snake leg has one coil. In field: above head, ; to right of head, ; to left of hips, Ε; to right of hips, ; beneath legs, IAW.
b: Horizontally, Ε , the same four magical signs as on side a. Beneath these, IAW.
Dark green jasper with red spots.
For similar magical signs, see Bonner 72 /CBd-1318/, 388 /CBd-1083/. A green jasper gem in the Spencer George Perceval Bequest (1922) at the Fitzwilliam Museum (no. 328 in B. K. Burn's typescript catalogue [1928]) shows the anguipede holding a shield with this shape; similar magical signs also appear in the field. This unusual shield appears on a gem excavated at Marion in 1960. It is illustrated on pl. 33, no. 2, of A. Pierides, Jewellery in the Cyprus Museum (Nicosia, 1971), inv. no. 1960/XI-28/1.
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