The CBd
Schwartz - Schwartz on CBd-1771
23. ANS/Osborne (pl. 29, 15)
a: Uraeus snake forming large coil on right and left; wears double feather crown on head. Around, EIC Z[EV]C CAPAΠCI (one Zeus Sarapis).
Bonner 23 /CBd-1290/ reverse (cobra with atef crown, symbol of Isis). Bonner 255 /CBd-1433/ reverse. Munich 2322. Goodenough 1167. For inscription see Bonner, p. 175. For the agathodaemon depicted with the head of Sarapis, see Dattari 1827 (Hadrian); Delatte and Derchain 223, 403; and Munich 2663 (which shows a snake with the head of Isis as well).
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