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Schwartz - Schwartz on CBd-1773
26. Schwartz
a: Harpocrates seated l. on lotus, r. hand to lips and l. holding flail. Lotus has two buds and arises from solar bark. Above, three scarabs; to l. and r., symmetrically, three birds, three goats, one scorpion (that on the r. is chipped off).
Beneath boat, two snakes and crocodile.
b: AEH / IOVW; beneath, , possibly a monogram. The cutting of the reverse, particularly of the monogram, is much more amateurish than that of the obverse, and was probably done later.
Previously published by Swift.64 Delatte and Derchain 147-54. Bonner 205 /CBd-1398/–209 /CBd-1400/, 391 /CBd-1238/.

64 R. H. Swift, “Gnostic Intagli,” Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences (Los Angeles, 1931), pp. 94-99.
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