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Schwartz - Schwartz on CBd-1774
27. Schwartz
a: Tailless cynocephalus with uraeus serpent to l. on its head, squatting l. on ground line. Palm branch runs behind its head, butt behind neck, frond emerging in front of muzzle. Six-pointed star below chin; another behind neck.
Multicolored yellow jasper.
Delatte and Derchain 435.
Bonner p. 199, referring to Bell, Nock and Thompson's commentary (above, n. 15, p. 247) on a demotic magical name, suggests that this inscription is an invocation of the sun god, Re. The inscription might be understood as an abbreviation of HΛIOC AMBPOTOC (immortal sun). Similar inscriptions are found on reverses of several yellow or orange jasper amulets engraved with cynocephalus apes; see, for example, BM G518 /CBd-162/ and G574 /CBd-555/.
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