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Schwartz - Schwartz on CBd-1267
30. ANS/ETN (Bonner 365 /CBd-1267/)
a: Anubis standing l., in kilted tunic and boots. Branch or schematic crown above head. In r. hand, upright dagger; in l., situla. Beneath, OAX or OΔX.
b: WAOMΛNΔΔPH (Bonner reads this as WPOMANΔAPH).
c: Lion running l., star before, crescent above.
Haematite; spindle-shaped stone. Weight 4.6125 g. A. A. Barb suggests that this stone was once a Babylonian weight, already ancient when engraved in the Roman period (personal communication).
Bonner (above, n. 6), no.10 /CBd-944/. Delatte and Derchain 114.
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