The CBd
Bonner 1951 on CBd-663
Obv. Sarapis enthroned to l., flying scarabaeus over head; r. hand touches scorpion at feet, l. rests on tall scepter. Throne rests on crocodile, head to l. Under this, Osiris mummy with atef crown, lying with head to l. over lion walking to l. The whole design is surrounded by a serpent with human head, which is turned inwards and faces Sarapis. This head is adorned with a disk between two horns. Round margin outside the serpent runs the Ιαεω palindrome complete except for the last four letters (see SMA, p. 204). Behind Sarapis' l. arm is an uncertain object probably meant for a star within the tips of a crescent, and below that, arranged in three lines as an inverted pyramid, the seven vowels and an extra omega.
Rev. Harpocrates seated to l. on lotus with two buds, ovoid ornament on head, r. hand raised towards mouth; flail (ladanisterion) over l. shoulder. Star in front, star and crescent behind. Round margin a series of meaningless signs, a few of which can be read as Greek letters.
Bloodstone. Upright oval, 37 x 28 x 4.5. Rev. chipped at upper edge.
Very crude work, especially the reverse. The stone is to be added to a series of four discussed in SMA, pp. 235238, 313314. Pl. 19, 354 /CBd-1521/, 355 /CBd-1079/, 356 /CBd-1130/, 357 /CBd-1522/.
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