The CBd
Bonner 1951 on CBd-422
C. Bonner, Amulets Chiefly in the British Museum, Hesperia 20, 1951, 301-345, no. 9. 56553

Obv. Ouroboros enclosing two divinities. At l., Anubis standing to r., ankh in l. hand, tall was sceρter and also a shorter one in l., star over his head. At r., seated facing Anubis, a hawk headed god (Horus), with garment wrapped round waist and hips, r. hand raised, palm outward. Headdress resembles two broad feathers, but may have been meant for a disk. Between the two figures, the letters ιοι. Under their feet, a crocodile. Outside ouroboros the inscription χνουθιηλιουηινχουθιηλνουνθιληουχαηιπιθο.
Rev. plain.
Material not noted. Upright oval, 26 x 20.
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