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Bonner 1951 on CBd-684
C. Bonner, Amulets Chiefly in the British Museum, Hesperia 20, 1951, 301-345, no. 71.

Obv. Goddess standing to front, head to l., on back of crocodile. Tunic to ankles, upper garment crossing body and falling behind l. shoulder almost to hem of tunic. Floral (?) ornament on head, another on top of tall scepter held in l. hand, which also holds a situla of Greek form. R. hand holds a snake, its head level with the neck of the goddess. Along r. edge, four characters of which the first two can be read as ΜΑ, a fifth in field at lower l.
Rev. Female griffin standing to r., l. forepaw on seven spoked wheel, beak holding a small balance. The tail ends in what seems to be a bearded mask with modius on the head; the face is indistinct, and the whole effect is that of a grotesque fancy suggested by the bushy tuft that ends the tail. In field at upper l., star over crescent. In front of the griffin a heron like bird touches the balance with its beak. What the maker meant to represent in the creature whose long tail makes the ground line is uncertain; perhaps a snake closing its jaws on a bearded human head, perhaps a man with arms raised, his body diminishing into a snake's tail.
Green jasper. Upright oval, 37 x 25.
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