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Magical gem: Ares, Tantalos-historiola (A) womb, voces, vocales, characteres (B)
FR_Paris, Cabinet des Médailles
Bonner, SMA D. 144; Michel, DMG, no. 28.12.a_1; Mastrocinque 2014, no. 354
Former Collections:
Seyrig, Henry (Beirut)
haematite (black)
53.9 x 29 x 6.5 mm
Ares, Mars ultor-type; star; altar; uterus, in the form of an amphora; clothing: mantle; shoes: boots; weapon: spear; weapon: shield; weapon: helmet; weapon: armour; snakes (2)
Divine Names & Voces:
Ἰάω; Σαβαώθ; vocales, αεηιουω; Ἀδωναΐ, variants; Τάνταλος

Description: Upright oblong, both faces flat. Shape 8–9. Black haematite. Minor damage on the surface. Purchased in Beirut from Iskandar Farrah in 1930.

A: In the lower register: Ares wearing helmet and armour with a mantle and boots, leaning on his spear and holding a shield in his left hand. Above him: a character. Greek inscription on the right side of Ares in eighteen lines, arranged in a pterygoma form: μαπιε|διψαστανταλεαι|ιψαστανταλεαιμαιπιε̣|αστανταλεαιμαιπιε|στανταλεαιμαιπιε|τανταλεαιμαιπιε|ανταεαιμαιπιε|νταεαιμαιπιε|ταεαλιμαιπε|αεαλιμαιπε|εαλιμαιπε|αλιμαιπε|λιμαιπε|ιμ[α]ιπε|μα[ιπ]ε|αιπε|πε|ε → διψᾷς Τάνταλε, αἷμα πίε. ’If you are thirsty, Tantalos, drink blood.’
B: In the center, a uterus in the form of an amphora, placed on an altar which is inscribed with ιαω → Ἰάω. On each side of the womb: a snake. Above: an eight-pointed star within a circle. Greek inscription on the two sides of the altar (running from top to bottom, first part of the letters arranged vertically, second part horizontally in each case): μεαθαδωα|νοεισαβαωθ → voces including a variant of Ἀδωναΐ and Σαβαώθ. Below: αεηιου|ω → the Greek vowel series with a character on each side.

Bonner, SMA on CBd-1357
Mastrocinque 2014 on CBd-1357

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