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Magical gem in a modern gilded silver mount: Zeus enthroned (A) Harpocrates sitting on lotus (B)
AT-Wien-KM_IX B 1195
AT_Wien, Kunsthistorisches Museum
IX B 1195
Zwierlein-Diehl, AGWien III, 2186; Michel, DMG, no. 57.1.a_9
Former Collections:
Neumann, Franz de Paula (1744–1816)
haematite (black)
2.05 x 1.15 x 0.38
2nd half of 2nd (–1st half of 3rd?) c. AD (Zwierlein-Diehl)
flail; Zeus; vessel: patera; throne; scepter, unspecified; crown, unspecified; clothing: mantle; stars (2); solar disk; moon, crescent; primeval mound?; plant: lotus buds (2); Harpocrates sitting on lotus flower; gesture, hand raised to mouth; Harpocrates seated with one leg bent in knee
Divine Names & Voces:
voces, unidentified; Βαϊνχωωωχ, variants; νιχαρωπληξ and variants

Description: Both sides upright oval and flat. Shape 8. Haematite, damaged in the middle of the right egde of side A, and at the upper right edge of side B. Set in a modern, hinged, gilded silver mount.
Purchased in 1798 from Franz Neumann.

A: Zeus enthroned, to right, wearing a mantle and a crown, holding a patera in his left hand, and a long scepter in the right hand. Two six-pointed stars in front of the figure. Greek inscription around the god: νειχα ροπλησ ιλκω → unidentified voces including variant of νιχαρωπληξ.


B: Harpocrates sitting to right on a lotus flower with one knee drawn up, the other leg extended. Under the flower two smaller stalks with buds, and a baseline indicating the primeval mound (?). Horus’ right hand is raised to his mouth, his left hand holds a flail. On the top of his head a crescent with a solar disk.

C: Greek inscription and characteres: βαινχωωχω characteres → variant of Βαϊνχωωωχ.

Zwierlein-Diehl, AGWien III on CBd-2429

Michel, DMG, 57.1.a_9.

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