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Michel, DMG

Simone Michel, Die Magischen Gemmen (Berlin, 2004)

References to Simone Michel’s Die Magischen Gemmen, which contains the largest list of magical gems today, are provided in the reference section of the datasheets, and are therefore searchable in the menu under ’References’. Since Michel assigns numbers to the groups and subgroups of gems, but not to individual pieces, we have given an additional number to each piece within a group, preserving the order of the list provided by Michel. The additional number is given after an underscore.
For example, CBd-459 is fourth in the list of Michel’s group 11.2.a (Chnoubis mit Name ΧΝΟΥΒΙC), and thus becomes here DMG 11.2.a_4.

For a concordance of DMG and CBd-numbers (in statu nascendi) click here.


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