The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-1096
M. M. 10.130.1393
Obv. Mummy of Osiris lying with head to l. on back of lion walking to l. Disk on mummy's head. Behind, Anubis standing to l., r. hand raised; l. holds over shoulder an implement like a trident but with the shaft or handle attached to the prongs obliquely at one side, not the middle, perhaps a kind of candelabrum with three lights, which would be appropriate for a funeral. At sides, two winged goddesses, identical in appearance, though meant for Isis and Nephthys fanning the dead Osiris. Round margin, beginning at lower left, βαινχωωωχ αβρασαξ.
Rev. Two lines of characters; under them the seven vowels in order.
Green jasper. Transverse oval, 29 X 22.5 X 3. Cracked diagonally across.
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