The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 262.

on hip, raised l. holds uncertain three-pointed object at level of head. Disk with small projecting point on head. Cf. Raspe, Pl. 24, 1390, where a ram-headed god holds in his r. hand a thunderbolt (or so the engraver has rendered the object) and in his l. a tall scepter.
Rev. In four lines θoμθρις. αχαμαρθα αμαμ.α oυτ. The dot at the end of the first line indicates a mark which could hardly have been meant for a letter; that in the third marks a letter which the cutter changed. It is quite uncertain; possibly a phi.
Haematite. Upright oval, 18 X 14 Χ 5. Both faces plane, broad bevel.


Newell 3
Obv. Cock-headed anguipede, head to r., whip in raised r. hand, shield on l. arm inscribed ιαω, the omega resembling a broad upsilon. Seven stars round margin.
Rev. Athena standing to front, head to l., wearing helmet and long, full tunic with overfall round hips. R. hand raised towards mouth. On bevel, αβρασαξ.
Green jasper. Upright oval, 15 X 12 X 4. The bevel is very broad, and since Athena rarely appears on magical amulets, the smaller face may have been the original obverse, and the anguipede and the word on the bevel a later addition. But on both faces the work is crude.
Obv. Warrior (Ares?) in crested helmet, military tunic with belt and kilt, high boots, striding to r. with shield and spear. In front small naked figure kneeling to r., head turned back to warrior. Eight-spoked wheel behind the warrior's r. foot.
Rev. Inscription in sixteen lines of small, crowded letters, covering entire face of stone. It is much abraded, especially in the middle, where it is almost completely effaced. The letters that can be read at the sides make no sense, and none of the ordinary magical words can be recognized.
Limonite. Circular, diameter 34, thickness 5. Edge beveled, design on smaller side.
Bonner 41 (formerly Wyndham Cook)
Obv. Aphrodite standing to front, nude; head to r. She holds a tress of her hair out in each hand, as if to dry it. Unintelligible inscription round figure; its beginning point uncertain, some letters to be read from r. to l., some lying on their sides; vρτσβλπvλζ ιμλσ. The letters given as lambdas may be meant for alphas. Two of them lie on their sides.
Rev. Aρρωριφρασις, apparently a magical name of Aphrodite. These letters were probably cut by another hand than that of the obverse inscription.
Lapis lazuli. Upright oval, 14 X 12 X 3.
Catalogue of the Wyndham Cook Collection, 257, Pl. 9.
Seyrig 28
Obv. Artemis standing to front, knees slightly bent to l., head looking back to r.; tunic, confined by a band under the breasts, is drawn up to fall over a girdle at the hips, and scarcely reaches the knees; hunting boots on feet. Bow in extended l. hand, r. reaching for an arrow from quiver on r. shoulder. Very crude work, probably suggested by a coin type, such as that of No. 938 in B. M. Cat. Alex. where, however, the posture is more natural and the work better. There is nothing but the cheapness of the material and the crudity of the work to mark the stone as possibly an amulet.
Rev. Plain.
Limonite. Upright oval, 21 X 18 X 4. Chipped at l.

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