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Bonner, SMA, 263.

Obv. Nemesis standing to r., in long tunic reaching to the ground with overfall at waist. With l. hand she lifts a fold of the garment towards her face; wand in r., small wheel on the ground partly concealed by her drapery. At l., reading downward (retrograde) Nέμεσι, at r., reading downward, βoήθει, “Nemesis, help!”
Rev. Palm frond.
Haematite, upright oval, 14 Χ 9 Χ 3.
Obv. Asklepios standing to r., dressed in tunic to midcalf and chlamys (?). R. hand rests on heavy staff with a snake twining round it, l. holds uncertain round object (patera?). Inscription beginning at lower l., αυωαιυαωιαλ.
Rev. βακαξιχυχ μεα (three characters) oυω βακαξιχυχ ηθα ιχζ.
Unidentified green stone. Uprigh toval, 15 X 13 X 8. Convex on both sides.
Obv. Horned Pan to l., dancing, syrinx held to mouth with r. hand, l. holds throwing-stick over shoulder. Round margin several meaningless characters, some of which can be read as Greek letters, and star.
Rev. In five lines, σε φoρoα ἀπὸ παvτὸς κακῦ, the bracketed letters lost by a fracture which has removed a segment at the top.
Green jasper, mottled with yellow. Upright oval, now 22 X 18 X 5. Broken at upper right.
Obv. Pan with horns, shanks, and hoofs of goat, standing to front, head to r., hands on hips. Opposite shoulders αη, opposite hoofs, μα, in exergue, Iα.
Rev. βαδητoφωθ βακαξιχυχ, in seven lines.
Black jasper, highly polished. Hexagonal prism, 21 X 9 X 7. Design and inscription on opposite broad faces; narrow faces not inscribed. Broken at both ends, probably as the result of an attempted perforation, which was not carried through.
Obv. The three Graces, grouped as usual, but very crudely executed. Star at r. Round margin, beginning at upper l., ζησες (l. ζήσαις) Δάβατι. Dabatis seems to be a proper name; not known elsewhere.
Rev. Harpocrates seated to r. on lotus; knees drawn up, r. hand to lips, flail over l. shoulder. Three rays (or plumes?) on head. Beginning at l., αβλαvαθαv round margin, αλ inside circle. The palindrome could be considered complete by counting the αβ again backwards. Round bevel σὺ vικᾷς πάvτες, variation of the victory acclamations. πάvτες in the accusative is common in papyrus letters and occurs also on the Ashmolean amulet, No. 7 in this series.
Black jasper. Broad oval, 25 X 23 Χ 5, slightly chipped at edges.
Brooklyn Museum 16.157
Obv. Priapus standing to r., tunic pulled up to waist in the common posture of exposure. He holds a heap of fruits in the fold of his tunic; modius on head. Two snakes rear their heads before and behind his head, their bodies twining round his waist, tails visible near his ankles. Inscription beginning at lower l., καθ᾽ ἡμέραv εὐπόρειμαι, “Every day I have had plenty.”
Rev. αvαχαβραχαχχωθαχωτχαχαβαχαvα, a badly copied palindrome (p. 181). On bevel, εὐπόρει ιωαo.
Lapis lazuli. Upright oval, 18 X 14.
Walters Art Gallery 42.874
Obv. Triple Hecate, each head wearing modius. Uppermost pair of arms holds whips, middle ones daggers, lowest, torches with flaming end down. Inscription beginning at lower l., Bρειμω πρoκυvη ρηξιχθωv (see pp. 168170).
Rev. In seven lines, ακτιωφι ερεσχειγαλ vεβoυτoσoυαληθ (see pp. 30, 86).
Haematite. Upright oval, 17 X 11 X 3.
Obv. Crude mask of Medusa with two snakes rearing their heads from the

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