The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 266.

l. holds flail whip. Star and crescent behind him, another star in front. Above, Aβραεαξ (sic), below, Iαω. Crude work.
Rev. Lion to l., forepaw on ox skull. Several stars above and in front of lion.
Haematite. Upright oval, 20 X 18 X 4. Surface corroded; edge chipped at l. and upper r.
Obv. Winged Eros at r., holding inverted torch in l., clasps with r. the l. wrist of winged Psyche, who faces him lifting her r. hand to his face.
Rev. Plain.
Blue glass paste, somewhat corroded. Upright oval, 28 X 22 X 5.


Obv. At r., tablelike altar on which is a flowerpot with three plant stalks, the form of which argues strongly against the opinion that these objects were intended for nails (p. 52). To one of these is tied an ibis to l.
Rev. πέσσε πέσσε πέσσε.
Limonite. Upright oval, 22 X 20 X 4. Somewhat pitted by solution of the iron in the clayey stone.
Obv. Similar to preceding. At r., table altar with flowerpot in which are three plant stalks, here simple lines. To one of them an ibis standing to l. is tied by a looped cord.
Rev. πέσσε πέσσε πέσσε.
Limonite, pitted all over the surface. Upright oval, 24 X 20 X 4.
Obv. At r., altar on which rests vessel like ordinary flowerpot in which are three crudely indicated plants; at l., ibis to l. tied by a looped cord, one side of which is attached to rim of pot, the other to the top of the altar.
Rev. In three lines, πέπτε πέπτε πέπτε. The letters are square, and connected by their top and base lines in such a way that it is not quite certain whether πέπτε or πέσε (l. πέσσε) was intended.
Limonite. Upright oval, 22 X 16 X 4.
Obv. At r., altar from which three plant stalks grow; the vessel resembling a flowerpot is missing here, as seems to be usual with the heart-shaped stones of this type; cf. Mich. 26019, Brooklyn Museum 16.166, and Petrie, Amulets, P1. 21 p–r. To the left-hand stalk an ibis, standing to l., is tied. Above, star; in exergue, two S-like curves crossed by a horizontal line.
Rev. εὐπέπτι, with two horizontal strokes below.
Black jasper. Heart-shaped with suspension loop above, 32 X 21 X 5. Convex on both faces.
Obv. At r., tablelike altar from which three plants are growing; to one an ibis is tied, standing to l. Star above, worm (?) in field at each side, Iαω in exergue.
Rev. Chnoubis serpent to l., large nimbus round head. From its rim six pairs of rays project. The circular depression over the snake's head is probably the beginning of a new perforation, not carried through. Compare the following number.
Steatite. Heart-shaped; suspension loop formerly worked in the stone now broken off. Present measurements, 32 Χ 23 X 6. Convex on both sides.
Obv. As in the preceding number, except that here the altar has a double top, the upper horizontal supporting the three plants, the lower crossing and connecting the uprights of the table.

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