The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 265.

with his r. drives knife into the animal's neck. Mithra's body below shoulders, and rear of bull, lost with the left half of the stone. Dog attacks throat of bull; tail of scorpion under belly, rest of the creature lost. Snake at bottom. At r., small male figure in Phrygian costume holding torch (?) across body in reversed position (?). Over the bull's muzzle, ηv, possibly the last two letters of φρηv, the first two having been placed in the lost portion at l. of Mithra's head. Phre, “the sun” is sometimes written on amulets with parasitic nu.
Rev. αβλαvαθ[αvαλβα].
Black jasper. Horizontal oval, 33 Χ 25 Χ 6.
Obv. Mithra to l. slaying bull; Phrygian cap, upper garment blowing back from shoulder. Mithra looks forward, holding knife ready to strike. Dog at bull's throat, snake below, scorpion attacking from behind, bird in field above scorpion.
Rev. Kabeiros standing to front in short tunic. The raised r. hand holds a hammer, the l. holds a rhyton with its mouth downward. See Addenda.
Greenish black jasper. Horizontal oval, 19 Χ 14 Χ 4.
Obv. Sun-god standing to front, head to l., in four-horse chariot; r. hand raised, l. holds zoned globe. Chlamys fastened at neck falling over l. arm. Team of horses treated as usual on such amulets; two turned to r., two to l., the two pole horses with their heads turned to each other. A wheel of the chariot is seen in front view between them. Round upper half, αβλαvαθαvαλβα, in exergue, τυξευι, with star below.
Rev. Youthful figure, apparently female, to r. slaughtering bull. Long tunic reaching below knees, fold of upper garment blowing out behind shoulders, Persian cap or hood.
Brownish red jasper. Upright oval, 32 Χ 23 Χ 4.
Walters Art Gallery 42.870
Obv. Ouroboros, head at top, directly below which a small oval encloses five cross marks perhaps meant for stars. Under this is a circular depression, possibly intended for the sun disk, but perhaps only a start for a perforation which was not carried through. Next below, characters and letters mixed in two rows. The central design shows a table or couch, on which lies a bundle with one end propped up. At r., a serpent with the head of an ox; at l., a monster with ram's head on a snake's neck supported by the hindquarters of a goat. Below, two rows of characters with a few letters. At bottom, a jackal or fox to l. Cf. Southesk N 65, King, Gnostics, Pl. K2, B. M. Cat. Gems, 2630, Pl. 29. The object on the table may be the aniconic form of Amon; see p. 37 above.
Rev. Plain.
Carnelian discolored by heat; originally pale yellow or flesh color. Upright oval, 27 Χ 19 Χ 5. Mounted in gold as stickpin.
Obv. Lion walking to l., forepaw on round object. Above, Mιχαηλ βισvoυθ (l. βιεvoυθ); below, Bριμὼ Χαβριηλ.
Rev. αρoπληξ αβωχωvιωχ βαιvχωωχω σεμεσιλαμψ. The second and third words are anagrams of βαιvχωωωχ. Round the bevel are several characters and some Greek letters.
Haematite. Upright oval, 17 Χ 10. Design on smaller face. Chipped at top and l. side of reverse.
Seyrig 4
Obv. Lion walking to l., forepaw touching or holding down an indistinct roundish object. Star in front of muzzle, two over back. Tail resembles a snake.
Rev. κρατῶ σε, ἔχω σε, “I hold you, I have you.”
Chalcedony. Transverse oval, 21 X 15 Χ 3.
Obv. Harpocrates seated to l. on lotus flower, legs extended; r. hand to lips

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