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Bonner, SMA, 304.

Very crudely executed. Inscription, εἷς ὁ vικῶv. This side not shown.
Rev. Long-billed bird (stork?) to r. attacking a snake which rears itself from the ground. Slender tree behind the bird, and apparently another in front. Looped cord above.
Bronze. Oval, 42 X 22, including loop. Lower part of both faces somewhat corroded.
Obv. Rider with nimbus to r., spearing a woman lying on ground with wrists tied together. Six-pointed star under horse. Cord with three loops under the woman. Inscription, εἷς θεὸς τὰ κακά, the bracketed words broken away.
Rev. Crane standing to r., short plume crest on head, bill open to attack snake rearing itself from ground. Altarlike structure behind crane. Under it, the cord with three loops. Common ring sign (in form of eight-rayed star with circlets at ends of rays) between crane and snake. At bottom, εἷς θεός.
Bronze. Oval, top of plaque and suspension loop broken off; 33 Χ 23.
Bonner 51 (formerly Wyndham Cook)
Obv. Stork standing to l. with lizard in bill; the head of the bird and all the bill but the tip have been chipped off.
Rev. Inscription, badly spelled, ααωvεαι (for αδωvαι) ιαηα Iαω αβρβασαχξ (αβρασαξ); on bevel above,eεαβαωθ (σαβαωθ).
Red jasper. Upright oval, 13 X 11 X 3.
Catalogue of the Wyndham Cook Collection, 223, Pl. 9.
R.O.M.A. D.B.7
Obv. Long-legged bird with curved bill standing to l., bill open and one foot raised, about to attack a wriggling snake. On the bird's head is a crest which divides into branches in a manner unknown in nature. It is possible that the engraver intended to give the bird a crown of disk and uraei resting on a plume crest of rather more than natural length.
Rev. Plain.
Serpentine. Scaraboid, upright oval, ca. 19 X 16.
Obv. Rider design, crudely incised; the line representing the lance is not straight. Flattened crescent (?) over horse's head. Usual inscription complete but for last two letters; omicron for omega as often in this phrase.
Rev. Iαωθ (sic) Σαβαωθ Mιχαηλ. Below, roaring lion to r. with snake in front, flat crescent (?) over back.
Bronze. Plaque oblong, spade-shaped, with round corners, 56 X 29, including loop.
Seyrig 49
Obv. Rider to r. spearing indistinct figure on ground. Usual inscription. Not shown on plate.
Rev. Iαω Σαβαω Mίχαηλ Γαβριηλ. The alphas approach the form of delta; the second word really looks like Σαβδω. The last three letters of Gabriel are crowded. Below, lion walking to r.
Bronze. Plaque oblong, spade-shaped, 51 X 21.
Seyrig 47
Obv. Rider spearing female figure lying on ground with hands bound together(?). Usual inscription complete but for last letter.
Rev. Iαω Σαβαω Mιχαηλ Γαβριηλ 0υριηλ χερoυβιv σεραπι*. Lion below.
Bronze. Oval plaque, 49 X 20, including loop.
Seyrig 48
Obv. Rider spearing female figure. Inscription damaged at end. This face not shown.
Rev. ἐγώ εἰμι voσκαμαρδoτεvαv. The reading is certain, but the last word has not been seen elsewhere.
Bronze. Long oval plaque, narrowing to loop, 55 X 24.
Newell 47
Obv. Rider design, apparently of the usual sort, but indistinct through corrosion. This face not shown.

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