The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 307.

blank, intended to be fastened under the last engraved medallion. The other shows the Rider piercing the Evil One with a lance which has a cross and a pennon at the top.
B, C. The Virgin seated to r., the Child on her knee. Facing her a worshiper, apparently female. Small Greek cross between the figures. Virgin, Child, and worshiper have the nimbus.
D. Small cross followed by o κατoικov εv (Psalm 91, 1).
As in the preceding example, a blinded eye (see above) was engraved on each side of each medallion. Four of these have been preserved. One medallion and the greater part of the hoop are lost.
Published by Fr. R. Mouterde in Mélanges Univ. St.-Joseph, 25, 121 (Pl. 9, 50). Not having seen a complete specimen, Mouterde overlooked (as his figure shows) the loss of one medallion and the greater part of the hoop; and the medallion that he describes as obliterated was never engraved, for the reason given under the preceding number.
Bezel of ring, hoop broken away.
Obv. Rider with nimbus to r. stabbing head of prostrate woman with spear. Round margin, oγυρδκμαρεoτυφζεζoυζερβε. Formulas consisting entirely of unintelligible words are not common at this period.
Rev. Plain.
Bronze. Almost circular, 19 X 18.
Obv. Rider with nimbus round head galloping to r., spearing a monster in the form of a lioness with the head of a woman. In front, an angel with nimbus stands with one wing uplifted. The rider's spear has a cross and a pennon at the top. Star over angel's head. In field at l., εἷς θς ὁ vικo῀v τὰ κακά. Round margin, ὁ κατoικo῀v ἐv βoηθίᾳ τoῦ ὑψίστoυ ἐv σκέπῃ τoῦ θυ τoῦ oὐραvoῦ αὐλισθίσεται. ἐπῖ τo῀ κω; that is, the first verse of Psalm 91 and three words of the second.
Rev. Above, Christ enthroned in oval frame; at l., the angel symbol of St. Matthew, and the ox of St. Luke; at r., the eagle of St. John and the lion of St. Mark. Under this, across the field, ἄγιoς ἄγιoς ἄγιoς κς σαβαωθ. Next below, six large ring signs, then a row of characters and smaller ring signs. At bottom, roaring lion running to r., in front of him, crab and small cross. Round margin, σφραγὶς θυ ζo῀vτoς φύλαξo ἀπὸ παvτὸς κακoῦ τὸv φoρoῦvτα τὸ φυλακτήριov τoῦ(τo).
Bronze medal, diameter 54. Perforated in such a manner as not to damage the marginal inscription.
Obv. Rider Saint with nimbus galloping to r. over prostrate woman whom he pierces with his lance. He wears a chlamys fastened on the r. shoulder, a long end blowing back. The spear has a broad barbed point. Above at l., crescent, at r., star and eye; behind, six-spoked wheel, in front, bow. Between the horse and the woman, sword and dart (?). Inscription round margin, εισι θεoες ω vικovι τo κovκα ἄγιε Σισίvvιι, an illiterate version of the usual εἷς θεός acclamation plus an invocation of St. Sisinnius, the protector of children.
Rev. Ostrich with wings raised, treading on snake and apparently attacking a large scorpion; yet the scorpion has its pincers downward as if to threaten the snake. Behind the ostrich an ibis is about to devour a small snake, while a crab (or another scorpion) approaches it. Above at left, circle with diameters and an unidentified object like the wing of an insect or a bat. Over the ostrich's head, πιvω (πειvῶ ?).
Bronze medal. Diameter 36. The original perforation at the top has worn through, and a new one at the bottom has damaged the design. The illustrations are from casts.

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