The CBd
Bonner, SMA on CBd-158
Bonner, SMA – PDF, D. 149.

Β.Μ. 56482
Obv. Lion-headed god in long tunic, seven rays round head, standing to l., holding cobra in outstretched r. hand, left arm (hand not indicated!) hanging. Under his feet a curious cutting in the stone may be taken to represent a frog if the gem is turned upside down. It does not seem to be a natural flaw or pit.
Rev. Inscription in ten lines (a few uncertain cuts preceding): χυχ βαχυχ βαχαχυχ βαζαχυχυχ βακαξιχυχ βαδητοφωθ ρανχαμωοχ ευλαμω βαινχωωωχ κατάσχες τοὺς θυμοὺς Τασοι. The last word is entirely on the bevel, and so also are the last two letters of each of the two preceding words.
Serpentine, green with black spots. Upright oval, 20 X 17.
The inscription is a θυμοκάτοχον designed to assuage the anger of a certain Taso or Tasois. The obverse design of the god holding a cobra may have been chosen as symbolizing the control of fierce passions.
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