The CBd
Bonner 1951 on CBd-713
Obv. Chnoubis serpent with large leonine head to r., body descending in wavy line, not coiled. Round head six double rays; over them the seven vowels in proper order, a letter over each pair except the fifth, which has two (omicron and upsilon).
Rev. At top, the common Chnoubis symbol, a line crossed by three reversed curves like a long S, or, as in this instance, by an S-like sign made of three short straight lines. Below, Χνουβις ναβις βιεννους ὕδωρ δίψῃ ἄρτος πείνῃ πῦρpῥείγοι (for ῥίγει); each of the first three words has a line to itself, and a line is given to each of the following pairs. The meaning is "Chnoubis, bound by enchantment" (if the second and third words are correctly derived from the Hebrew), "water for thirst, bread for hunger, fire for cold."
Plasma. Upright oval, 17 x 12. Obv. flat, rev. very convex.
This stone is here republished to correct in one detail, and to supplement by an illustration, the account of it which was first given in HTR, 25 (1932), pp. 365-367 and repeated in SMA, p.182. Those two references give the necessary comment on the religious character of the inscription.
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