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Bonner 1951 on CBd-578
C. Bonner, Amulets Chiefly in the British Museum, Hesperia 20, 1951, 301-345, 301-345, no. 44.

Obv. Extremely crude figure with non human head perhaps meant for that of a lion (cf. SMA, Pl. 5, 102 /CBd-1098/, Pl. 11, 229 /CBd-1102/ and 232 /CBd-1104/), but more like a thick spiny caterpillar (cf. SMA, Pl. 9, 185 /CBd-1381/, which, like this, is a digestive amulet). The body is clothed in a tunic belted at the waist and reaching to the knees. The raised hands hold a tabula ansata on which an A is faintly visible. The inscription may have been IAW , but the other letters, if there were any, have been worn away. Three wings like large feathers project outward from each side of the waist and hips. The legs are mere pegs crossed by short horizontal lines, possibly intended to indicate greaves or leggings (cf SMA, Pl. 6, 124 /CBd-1048/). At each side below is a palm frond.

Rev. στομαχε πεπτε, "stomach, digest!," arranged in five lines.

Haematite. Tall, narrow oval, 43 x 19.
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