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Drawing of a magical gem: Harpocrates on a lotus flower (A) Ouroboros, Greek inscription (B)
Wu_Ex Chifletius–Macarius_IX 35
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Chifletius–Macarius_IX 35
Chifletius–Macarius, no. IX 35; Mastrocinque, SGG I, 13
Former Collections:
Chifflet, Philippe (Philippus Chifletius, 1597–1657)
jasper, green and red
gesture, hand raised to mouth; Ouroboros; primeval mound?; flail; moon, crescent; stars (2); animal: lizard; rays (10); plant: lotus buds (2); Harpocrates sitting on lotus flower
Divine Names & Voces:
Ἀβλαναθαναλβα, palindrome; voces, unidentified; Ἀκραμμαχαμαρεί and variants; σουμαρτα and variants
A: Harpocrates half-kneeling, to left, on a lotus flower with two buds, his right leg inside the cup of the flower. The baseline appears as a piece of land, indicating the primeval mound (?). The right hand of Horus is raised to his mouth, his left holds a flail. On the top of his head, a six-pointed star and ten rays. To the left of his head, a six-pointed star, to the right, a crescent open to top. On the left, beside the lotus flower, a lizard crawling to top.
B: Ouroboros enclosing a Greek inscription in five lines: σουμαρ|τααβλανα|θαναλβαα|κραμαχα|μαρλ → σουμαρτα, Ἀβλαναθαναλβα-palindrome, variant of Ἀκραμμαχαμαρεί. Greek inscription around the edge, outside the snake: ασαεηι|σηωσιεσ|οευε|ω|βεεσσακαωθμ|λαδω → unidentified voces. 

Post-antique. For a gem in the British Museum that may have been designed after this drawing, see CBd-988. For a similar design, see also CBd-2880.

Chifletius–Macarius, Abraxas, IX 35
SGG I, no. 13 (with earlier literature)

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Credits from Chifletius–Macarius, Abraxas