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Bonner, SMA, 264.

hair, and two wriggling out in opposite directions from under the chin.
Rev. Triple Hecate; two arms holding torches, two daggers, and two whips. On bevel, abrasax bainchoooch.
Red jasper. Upright oval, 13 X 10 X 3.
Obv. Head of Gorgon, two snakes rearing their heads from the hair of the forehead, two wriggling downward from the chin.
Rev. At r., triple Hecate, each head wearing modius; arms, which are not clearly distinguished, holding torches, daggers, and whips, the lashes of which are made to curve like wriggling snakes. At l., facing Hecate, an indistinct figure, apparently lion-headed, l. hand raised toward mouth, the r. holding some object which a chip in the stone has made indistinct. Inscription beginning at top, Iαω σαβαωθ αδωvαι χω and probably four or five more letters now illegible. On the bevel, an inscription encircling the stone one and one half times, very indistinct and consisting of the vowels, repeated two or three times. There are no recognizable words.
Brownish-gray stone, probably impure steatite. Upright oval, 19 X 15 X 2. The work is very crude and the nature of the material makes it unusually hard to distinguish details.
Obv. Hecate with three indistinct heads, each wearing modius; six arms, of which the uppermost hold torches, the middle ones daggers, the lowest whips. Unconnected letters in field, ε, υ, α (?), π at l., ω(?), ζ at r.
Rev. Demon with head of a jackal (?), body of a beetle, tail, legs, and feet of a bird. Two arms holding tall staves, four wings. Ouroboros forming an oblong under the feet. At lower left, λ, at r., an uncertain letter; within the ouroboros, ια, the last letter very doubtful. On bevel, ακραμαχαμαρι.
Haematite. Upright oval, 19 Χ 13 Χ 4.
Obv. Youthful god, nude, walking to r., radiate head turned back to l. L. hand holds whip, r. rests on staff with snake twining round it. Indistinct small animal by r. foot. Crescent and star in field. Helios as Asklepios?
Rev. σαρ, an indistinct sign, μυ.
Sardonyx. Upright oval, 16 X 11 X 3.


Walters Art Gallery 42.868 (Formerly in Marlborough Collection)
Obv. Bull to l., sacrificed by Mithra, who presses his r. knee upon its back, grasps a horn with his l. hand and slaughters the bull with a knife in his r., looking back as he does so. He wears oriental dress — Phrygian cap, close-fitting ribbed tunic, scarf flying behind his shoulders, and long close-fitting trousers reaching to ankle. Below, a scorpion attacking the bull's testicles, and a long snake, head reared as if to attack the forelegs or chest; in front, a poorly executed dog. In the upper corners, l., head of moon-goddess, below which is a small burning altar; at r., sun-god, below which are a crow with seed or small fruit in bill, and another burning altar.
Rev. The cock-headed god with serpent legs, head to r., whip in r. hand, shield inscribed Iαω on l. arm. Serpent coils rather more elaborate than usual.
Haematite. Horizontal rectangle, ca. 18 X 13 X 3. Set in elaborate gold mounting.
Obv. Mithra, radiate, slaying bull, which runs to r. The god grasps the bull's muzzle with his l. hand, and

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