The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 279.

πρὸς πέτλα near the end. See p. 117 for the complete text.
Rev. Round margin, ἄξov Ἀχειλλᾶv ὃv ἔτεκεv Σεραπιὰς Διovυσιάτι ἣv (ητ on the stone) ἔτoκεv Σεραπιάς, “Bring Achillas son of Serapias to Dionysias, daughter of Serapias.” Across the middle, in a different, untrained, hand, ἢ ἄξov ἢ κατάκλειvov, “Bring him back or lay him low” (see comment, p. 117 f.).
Brown ironstone (limonite or iron shale). Upright oval, 44 Χ 32 X 4.
The illustration is from a direct photograph.
Previously published in Proc. Am. Philos. Soc., 85, pp. 466 f.
Obv. Aphrodite standing to front, head to l., hands tied behind back with a cord which passes from her l. wrist round her hips and legs several times, holding the garment, which covers her from hips down, closely against her legs. At lower l., a winged Eros, kneeling on one knee, seems to be drawing the end of the cord tight. Round margin, πoθες (πόθoς), “longing.”
Rev. Plain.
Haematite. Upright oval, 22 X 18 X 3.
Obv. At l., Aphrodite, nude to hips, standing to front, head to r., hands in the position of the Medici statue; opposite, standing to l., youth nude except for chlamys, the end of which hangs over his l. arm. His r. hand holds an indistinct object towards Aphrodite, l. holds leafy branch over shoulder. At Aphrodite's feet, long-tailed bird (pheasant or peafowl) pecking at fruit. Several letters, apparently with no connection, round margin and between the two figures.
Rev. χυχαχυχ.
Haematite. Broad upright oval, 24 X 21 X 3.
Obv. At l., Ares in helmet, cuirass, and kilted tunic standing to front, head to r.; in r. hand he holds a spear, with l. he steadies his shield, which rests with its edge on the ground. At r., Aphrodite, nude to hips, holding r. hand out to touch Ares' face; l. holds mirror. At top, ἡ χάρις.
Rev. Plain.
Blue paste. Broad upright oval, 23 X 21 X 4.
Obv. Winged Eros standing to l., with r. extinguishing torch by pressing it to ground; or is the torch momentarily lowered to revive the flame? L. holds trident, a weapon sometimes used in the combats of gladiators. In exergue, oχωρωφψς.
Rev. Palm leaf, Iαω, garland with ties.
Yellow jasper. Upright oval, 15 X 12 X 3.
Obv. At r., Eros standing to l., hands bound behind him to post, on which sits a griffin, scarcely recognizable except by comparison with similar designs; but the wings and tail are fairly clear. At l., winged Psyche threatening Eros with a burning torch. Above, δικαίως, with delta and alpha like lambda.
Rev. Plain.
Green jasper. Transverse oval, 17 X 13 X 3.

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