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Bonner, SMA, 286.

Dark green jasper. Transverse oval, 19 X 13 Χ 3.
Obv. Harpocrates to front, kneeling with l. knee on lotus, r. leg extended backward. R. hand raised, palm forward. Disk over head; star at l. At r., phoenix with radiate head; behind and below the bird, uncertain cuttings perhaps intended for a tree, on which the phoenix perches.
Rev. The name Ororiouth, ordinarily found only on uterine amulets.
Haematite. Upright oval, 15 Χ 12 Χ 4.
Obv. Cynocephalus with disk (apparently resting in a crescent) on head, standing to l.. over flying scarab; in his extended paws he holds a little figure of Harpocrates seated to l. on lotus in the usual attitude. At lower l. margin, Iao, round r. margin, the seven vowels.
Rev. Extremely crude representation of Aphrodite drying her hair. On bevel the Ablanathanalba palindrome twice, but with errors each time.
Black jasper. Upright oval, 22 Χ 17 Χ 4.
Obv. Harpocrates seated to r. on lotus in papyrus boat with high ends. His body is in three‑quarter front view, r. leg extended, l. flexed. Flail in r. hand, l. to lips. Facing him, cynocephalus with paws raised as in adoration. On r. end of boat, a bird, on l., a siren (human‑headed bird) — the cutting is not very distinct, but there can be little doubt of the lapidary's intention. Compare the siren on the Michigan fragment, No. 382 below, and the stone published by Delatte, Muséee Belge, 18, Pl. 2, 10.
Rev. ιωθ ιαωθ, two lines.
Green jasper. Transverse oval, 18 Χ 15 Χ 3, chipped at r. end.
Obv. Harpocrates at r. seated to l. on lotus, knees drawn up, r. hand to lips, l. shoulder chipped away; disk over head. Star and crescent moon above between Harpocrates and a goddess at l. who faces him. She is dressed in a long tunic, wears a head ornament of two feathers (?), carries the was scepter in her l. hand, ankh in r. Under lotus, Iαω, in exergue χυχ.
Rev. αβρασαξ ιαεω.
Red jasper. Upright oval, 20 Χ 14 Χ 4.
Obv. Harpocrates seated to l. on lotus flower in papyrus boat. Plume on head, r. hand raised to lips, l. resting on l. knee. R. leg extended, left drawn up on the lotus. A slight groove near the l. shoulder is apparently accidental, not an indication of the usual flail whip. On the turned‑up l. end of the boat, a cynocephalus facing Harpocrates, on the r. end, an ibis.
Rev. oρoιησιω|ρoρoηρερχ|ρατ. Χρατ may represent hrd, “child”; cf. the Harpocrates name Χρατoυαθ (see No. 214).
Lapis lazuli. Transverse oval, 18 Χ 12 Χ 3.
Mich. 26001 (formerly Wyndham Cook)
Obv. Papyrus boat with slightly up‑curved ends, in which at l. Harpocrates sits to r. on a lotus; l. hand holds flail, r. raised towards face. At r., cynocephaluss facing towards Harpocrates, paws raised, disk on head. Star and crescent moon between.
Rev. Plain.
Green jasper. Transverse oval, 13 Χ 10 Χ 2.
Catalogue of the Wyndham Cook Collection, 244; no illustration.
Obv. Harpocrates seated to l. on lotus in papyrus boat, feet resting on a small pedestal; r. hand to lips, l. holds flail whip. Hawk with a crest of three projecting feathers on l. end of boat, crouching cynocephalus on r. end. Below, αβιμιωχωσσως, isopsephic equivalent of βαιvχωωωχ (3663).
Rev. Beginning on l. end of bevel, encircling the stone and finishing on the face, the Aberamenthōou palindrome (pp. 202203).

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