The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 294.

Rev. Plain.
Haematite. Upright oval, 17 X 13 X 4.
Obv. Shaggy cynocephalus standing to l., paws raised; disk on head, with star at I., crescent at r.
Rev. σαλβαvαχαμβρη.
Black stone, apparently jasper. Upright oval, 19 X 15 X 4. Polish worn from surface, lower part much abraded.
Obv. Cynocephalus standing to r., paws raised, atef crown on head. In front of feet, a cobra erect on its tail.
Rev. ηvoμoρω, retrograde; for the meaning of the word, see p. 197.
Yellow jasper. Upright oval, 17 X 11 X 3.
Obv. Cynocephalus standing to l., paws raised.
Rev. αωηιωε σαλβαvαχαμβρη θωθ εv θωθ χαλκακχωχoυθ; on bevel, vπ[.]χαι. en is a Bohairic form corresponding to Sahidic ēn, “ape.”
Haematite. Upright oval, 18 X 16 X 3. Grooved slightly at top and bottom, probably for a claw to hold it in a setting.
Newell 52
Obv. Cynocephalus riding lion to l., r. paw raised, l. holding flail over shoulder. Above, two snakes and scarab, r. and l., crowned hawks. Only the head of the one at l. remains; the rest lost with large flake chipped from l. side. The same injury destroyed the forepart of the lion and a star corresponding to a crescent behind the ape's head. The cynocephalus here takes the place of Harpocrates, who appears several times riding a lion.
Rev. A few unconnected letters andseveral characters; see illustration.
Chert with veins of chalcedony. Upright oval, 33 Χ 25 Χ 5. Chipped at left and bottom.
Obv. Crowned (?) hawk on back of lion walking to l. Indistinct traces indicate that there was a mummy, or possibly a crocodile, under the lion's feet, but the extremely corroded condition of the piece makes this doubtful. The only interest of the object is that it shows a hawk taking the place of Harpocrates, as the cynocephalus does in the preceding number.
Rev. Inscription of which only a few letters are legible.
Bronze. Upright oval, 18 X 14 X 3. Badly corroded.
George C. Aronstamm
Obv. Scarab with wings spread. Round margin, beginning at l., oσαφαρωχωχ υψoρωχωωχ. The letters are evenly spaced, and the points of beginning and division are uncertain.
Rev. μαρμαραυωθ, in two lines.
Chalcedony, transverse oval, 18 X 15. Both sides convex.

Pantheistic and Monstrous Forms

Walters Art Gallery 42.872
Obv. Ouroboros, head at top, enclosing a scarab beetle (wings closed) and a long inscription cut in a diminishing spiral. Beginning at the upper left, ιαβεζεβυθ βoφoβιβωθ voυφιoυαρ θωζαξαζωθ χεvoφιvυθ βακαξιυχ βατητoφωθ βαιvχωωωχ. Though continuous on the stone, theseelements are separated here because most of them occur separately elsewhere. The last five letters begin a third ring just over the scarab. In a corresponding position under it, not forming a part of the large spiral, σεμεσιλαμ.
Rev. Horus, here represented as an overchubby infant, somewhat resembling the infantine type of Ptah-Seker‑

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