The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 312.

and chipped at l. The illustrations were made from plasticine impressions reversed in printing. The original was destroyed by accident not long after the impressions were sent to me.
Obv. At center, ship with mast, reefed sail, and two steering oars moving to l. The helmsman raises his hands in prayer, as Jonah throws himself from the prow. A sea monster approaches from r. to devour Jonah. At r. and lower, Jonah is seated, clothed and resting his hands on his staff, under a tree arching overhead; a bird perches on its top. At l., a man, apparently Jonah again, facing r., hands raised as in prayer (Jonah 3, 1–4; 4, 2).
Sard set in gold ring. Transverse oval, ca. 17 X 15. From a cast.
Previously published by Garrucci, Storia dell'arte cristiana, VI, Pl. 478, 28, whence it is repeated in Cabrol-Leclercq, Dict. d'archéol. chrét., VI, 842, fig. 5070; Early Christian and Byzantine Art, No. 561, Pl. 78.


Mrs. Edward G. Goerk
Obv. Pig standing to l. on tail of lion‑headed snake with six rays round itshead, which turns back to defend itself.
Rev. Inscription in four lines, σισισρω σισιφερμo χvoυωρ αβρασιξ (sic) ιβηχ. It is possible that an upsilon which should end the second word is concealed by the setting of the ring.
Green jasper. Transverse oval, 22 X 15. Set in modern gold ring.
Obv. Very fat pig walking to l. on tail of lion-headed snake, which has the head turned back as if to defend itself. The lion-head probably had six rays, but damage to the stone has made this uncertain.
Rev. Sarapis, disk on head, seated to l. on throne, which rests on the back of a crocodile (damaged); its head, slightly lifted, is just in front of the god's feet. Sarapis' r. hand holds an indistinct object, probably a paters; the l. rests on a tall scepter. Round margin, βαιvχωωωχ; on bevel, χvoυωρ αβρα[αξ σι]ισρω σισιφερμoυ. Compare Nos. 354–357.
Obsidian. Transverse oval, 15 X 12 X 3. Chipped at bottom of reverse.
A. B. Cook
Obv. Mummy with disk on its head lying over a long snake, the head of which (at r:) curves back over the mummy's head, the tail over its feet. A crowned hawk perches on the snake's head; scarab in field over its tail.
Rev. χυχ βαχυχ βακαξιχυχ βατητoφωv αβαρσαξ ιαω ωαι.
Haematite. Transverse oval, ca. 20 Χ 15.
Obv. Naked man to l., holding with both hands a serpent, the head of which turns back towards the man's face, while a coil encircles his waist. Both man and snake studded with stars. The constellation Ophiuchus. See pp. 232–235.
Rev. Plain.
Haematite, set in ring. Upright oval, 23 X 20. From an impression, enlarged 2 X 1.
Obv. Man standing to l. in three-quarter back view, l. hand grasping the neck of a serpent, r. holding the snake's body near the tail. He stands on a scorpion, of which only one claw is undamaged. At l., a large star, perhaps meant to

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