The CBd
Bonner, SMA, 291.

arm. Under his feet a scarab beetle, its head to l.
Rev. σεμσειλαμς, five characters, αβλαvαθαλvβα (sic) φρηυφ; on bevel θα ιαω.
Chalcedony. Upright oval, 16 Χ 11 Χ 3.
Edge chipped in three places.
Catalogue of the Wyndham Cook Collection, 255, Ρl. 9.
Obv. Sun-god standing to front, nude, radiate head to r., l. hand raised, r. holds whip, garment hanging over r. forearm. At l., reading down, αβαξ. Star and crescent in lower field.
Rev. Plain.
Green jasper. Upright oval, ca. 19 Χ 13 Χ 3. Chipped at r. and l. Mounted in gold as stickpin.
Obv. Sun-god with radiate head standing to l. on back of running lion. He is nude but for a chlamys which blows back from his shoulders in a loop. R. hand raised, l. holds flaming torch. Under lion, crudely executed recumbent male figure.
Rev. Very tall slender figure with head of snake (?), wearing long tunic reaching below knees, with three bands across it. R. hand at side, l. on breast. Crescent at l., star at r.
Red stone streaked with black (jasper?). Upright oval, 34 Χ 23 Χ 6. Chipped at bottom.
Obv. Sun-god, with seven rays round head, r. hand raised, riding to r. on lion, which rests a forepaw on an indistinct object probably meant for the skull of an ox. Facing him, a female worshiper with r. hand raised. Above, Iao, in exergue, abrasax. Very crude work, many details uncertain.
Rev. Cock-headed anguipede in kilted tunic, head to r., r. arm fully extended brandishing whip (?). On l. arm small round shield with central boss (?) and name Tao. Palm frond in field over shield.
Pyrites. Transverse oval, 23 Χ 19 Χ 5. Much corroded. The significant combination of sun-god and anguipede gives it some importance.
Obv. Sun-god standing to front in four-horse chariot, head to l., r. hand raised, palm out, whip in l., six rays round head. He wears a long tunic and chlamys which blows back from l. shoulder. The horses are arranged as usual when the chariot is seen from front — two to r., two to l., the inner two looking back at each other. Four stars in field at r. and l., two in exergue. Round margin, Mιχαηλ Σαβαω[θ Ρ]αφαηλ; Σαβαη[λ is also possible (cf. Peterson in Rh. Mus., 75, 412).
Rev. Winged victory standing on tiptoe to front, head to l.; long tunic, girt under breasts and (with overfall) at waist. Garland with ties in extended r. hand, palm frond in l. Round margin, Ραχαηλ αβρασαξ, the end of the latter word and the beginning of the former separated by a small palm frond at the bottom.
Bloodstone. Upright oval, 30 Χ 25 Χ 4. Chipped at r. side and, slightly, at bottom.
Obv. Sun-god with six rays round head, long tunic, r. hand raised, l. holding whip, driving four-horse chariot to l. Round margin there were seven stars, each with one of the vowels over it, a good illustration of their planetary meaning. Iota and all but a trace of its star have been chipped away from the r. end of the stone, omicron and its star damaged at lower r.
Rev. σθoμβαoγηβαoλ σθoμβαλλακαμ σθoμβληθ (thus far a common solar formula, with variants, as usual) αεαθιεμμεvετηαρ.. On bevel ετωεστριλαριτιαππ. . ωvσατραπερ[.
Greenish-black jasper. Transverse oval, 17 Χ 13 Χ 4. Slightly chipped on edges.
Obv. Lion-headed god wearing long tunic, standing to l., r. hand raised to mouth, l. hanging at side; disk on head, seven rays on head and neck.

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